Digital Herald

Digital Herald was established in 2003 as an education service company in Seoul, Korea.
The company has 60-year-old Korea Herald Language Institute

Korea Herald Language Institute

60-year-old, global language education center in Seoul, which offers
English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese languages

Herald Speaking Proficiency Test

Interview-based speaking proficiency test platform adopted by
leading companies and universities in Korea

Global Language Institute, Translation Service Center

Korea Herald Translation Center

The most widely recognized translation and interpretation center in Korea
partnership with Korean government organizations

French Master

Korea’s no.1 French Language learning platform offering for all levels of learners from beginners to DELF, DALF, highly advanced courses

Personalized Academic Tutoring and Mentorship Service,
High quality academic contents for K-12 and post college graduates,
Learning and Test center partnership with Pearson Education

HIS Herald Education Center

Personalized academic tutoring and consulting center targeting G3-12

Pearson Test Center in Korea

GED, PTE A, AWS certificate test center in Korea Official Test-prep learning center

Education and Learning Management platform for educators and students
Post university degree platform with renowned universities in Korea
Online Game Analytics Service

e-Learning MBA/MPA

Graduate degree courses from prestigious Universities in Korea
targeting for office workers and military soldiers

Game Eye

DEEPLOL pro's AI and Big Data
AI-based analytical technology to predict winning rate

Herald Insight

Student News Reporter activity for college admission, Journalism extracurricular activity